Unlocking New Dimensions: How Your Perspective Can Help Shape the Future

by | 13 Apr 2023

Your perspective matters.


Here’s why.


Imagine you are in a group and sitting in a circle. In the centre is a globe. We each only have a 2-dimensional view of the globe, but together we can describe the 3rd dimension. It happens slowly, but at one point, it clicks for all of us.


Now imagine this scenario: Instead of sharing what we see, we argue about whose view of the globe is the correct one.


It’s silly!


Now imagine a complex topic such as World Peace. What if 99.999% of people described a scenario of a peaceful life for them, and we realise that 0.001% didn’t want peace at all? Would we allow 0.001% to dictate our lives, or would we together describe a new dimension resulting in everyone living their definition of a peaceful life?


What if your perspective is the missing puzzle piece that takes us from 2D to 3D on a specific topic?