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Plan your Work

Make Consitent Progress

Ute Lambrecht

Kickstart your side project!

Join the Side-by-Side Quest to finally get started.

You’ve been wanting to start your side project




  • you don’t know where to start.
  • the whole idea feels overwhelming.
  • you never seem to make any headway.
  • when you do find time, you are too exhausted.
Overwhelmed Woman

So, you have been wanting to start your side project, forever.


And you have not made progress.


I know this only too well.  It’s an awful feeling as you believe you cannot trust yourself to get things done anymore.


You want to begin a new project, and maybe you do actually get started, but then it fizzles out.


I remember being in this place for years. You think, one day it will change, and then years go by and you did not actually follow through.


You look back and wonder what happened.


I finally found what worked for me.


It’s about finding others in a similar situation, even if their projects are totally different from mine.


However, by promising to show up with them every day and working on our projects together, we all progressed toward our goals.

Join the side-by-side Quest

The Side-by-Side Quest is a monthly program where you join with fellow participants to start and progress on your side projects. Over the course of 4 weeks, you commit to working on your side project together with others on a similar journey.


Two mighty forces will support you:

  1. Follow a rhythmic structure used by high-performing project teams, and
  2. Harness the motivational team spirit that is present when you join with others during the daily power hours.


There are three components to the monthly Side-by-Side Quest.

  1. A workshop to plan your work so you know what to do daily.
  2. A daily and weekly rhythm to help you stay consistent without the overwhelm.
  3. Daily power hours to stay motivated because showing up is half the battle won.


The time of the daily Power Hours will be confirmed at the start of each month’s Quest.

Woman working on a project

Work according to a rhythm

The program comes with a short course explaining how the structure works and how to adjust it to your situation so you stay focused and consistent in completing your tasks.

Man working on a project

Plan out your month ahead

The Quest starts with a planning workshop to plan out the tasks you want to accomplish. Planning once so you know exactly what you will be doing each day.

Woman working on a project
Power Hour

Join the daily Power Hour

Every weekday you meet with fellow participants for an hour to work on our side project. Having others work alongside you is highly motivating to show up and focus on your tasks.

The Side-by-Side Quest is currently closed. Join the waitlist and I’ll let you know when the next Quest starts.