Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs to Embrace New Possibilities

by | 24 Apr 2023

During my emotional processing this morning, I came up with the emotion of defensiveness. Except, I wasn’t feeling particularly defensive about anything.


I use kinesiology to hone in on an emotion that wants to be processed that morning, and sometimes an emotion emerges that I can’t immediately relate to. So I dug in a bit deeper: Was this an emotion around me in the collective, or was it mine? It was mine.


Then a thought popped up: I defend my limiting beliefs.




The limiting belief that has haunted me ever since I wanted to start a one-person business based on what interests me. Here it is: I’m a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.


I have so many interests and love dabbling in many different things simultaneously. Once in a while, a new project consumes me until I’ve got a good-enough understanding of the topic. Then, my interest wanes, and I move on to the next project. How do I create a business that allows me to bring all of me to the party?


This morning I realised – I’m defending this limiting belief. And, by definition, a limiting belief is not valid. So, I need to drop it and be open to possibilities.


What limiting belief is holding you back from leading your best life?