Discovering the Secret to a Happy Day: How One Small Change Can Transform Your Life

by | 11 Apr 2023

I don’t thrive in a 9 to 5 corporate environment. Like everyone else, I have bills to pay, so I felt stuck in this constant cycle of burnout and recovery.


About 4 years ago, I made a small change that shifted things for me significantly.


I used to sleep in as long as possible before getting ready for work. This resulted in me starting my morning resentful about going to work. Not a good way to create a happy day!


So I added this pattern-interrupt: I separated ‘getting up in the mornings’ from ‘going to work’.


I decided to get up at 5h30AM and give myself ‘me’ time. I could do anything I wanted, and there was no time pressure to prepare myself for work.


I had never gotten up this early – except to catch an early flight, so this did not come naturally. I went to bed early to ensure I had a good night’s sleep, and within a short time, I woke up at 5h30 without an alarm and enjoyed getting out of bed immediately.


Fast forward to today:


If I wake up sometime after 5 AM, it is my cue to get up and start my day, no matter what day of the week. I created a morning routine that sets me up for a happy start to my day. My mornings have become the most precious time of day for me.


Have you made a tiny change that has impacted the quality of your life? I’m always on the lookout for ideas to increase my happiness level.